Service Note:
Our Local Services Are Still Cancelled As We Attempt To Take Every Precaution To Ensure The Safety Of Everyone.
We Will Continue Weekly Streams And Post Any Updates On Our Plans To Reopen On This Notice Board.
God’s Blessings To The Bride Worldwide

Message believers are well acquainted with the teaching on the Seven Church Ages. The Messenger to each of these ages would bring the allotted portion of the Word which would be regarded as the Doctrine of Christ for that specific age. For example, the central theme or Doctrine of Christ in Luther’s day was Justification whilst in Wesley’s day it was Sanctification and in the Pentecostal age it was the restoration of the gifts. The uniqueness of the last age (Laodicean church age) is that, there will be a Bride that will be called out into another age to be known as the Bride Age.

Taking the afore pattern in account so what is this Revelation? Remember it was mentioned that each Church age has a theme (doctrine of Christ) and for the Bride Age it is called the GODHEAD Revelation, also known as the Capstone Revelation.